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Small kitchen on one wall – Arrangements

Until recently, kitchen annexes were only found in small interiors. Nowadays, we can also find kitchen buildings on one wall in large rooms. No wonder, because one-row building is a very popular trend.The construction of only one kitchen wall is a simple and practical arrangement. All cabinets and appliances are in one line. If the wall is long enough, there will be no problem with a room for all appliances, and there will be a lot of cabinets left. If our wall is not too long, it is worth considering a tall top cabinet to regain some lost space.

In an open kitchen

The kitchenette is a perfect solution for interiors where the kitchen is connected to the living room. Furniture should therefore relate to the style of the living room, as well as having a representative function. The space between the kitchen and living room can be separated in many ways or left completely empty.

In an enclosed kitchen

An enclosed kitchen on one wall is not only a solution for open kitchens. In an enclosed kitchen

A single-wall kitchen is not only a solution for open kitchens. It is also ideal for small rooms, where it is difficult to find another type of building. We can, for example, use the free space as a place to eat.