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Senior citizen’s kitchen – a convenience for the elderly in the kitchen

A functional and well-planned kitchen should provide comfort and independence for both healthy and elderly or disabled household members. So how to plan it properly so that it is comfortable and comfortable for you and your loved ones alike? A kitchen that is comfortable for everyone is one that allows you to move around easily, safely and comfortably in your daily activities and maintain order. So how do you design a kitchen that’s also comfortable and friendly for people with reduced mobility?

Size of the apartment

The kitchen, which will be used by an elderly or disabled person, must be adapted to their individual needs and abilities. It is worth remembering that the size of an apartment or house does not always translate into comfort. For an elderly person living alone, a large area can be cumbersome and difficult to maintain.

Kitchen near the entrance

A comfortable kitchen should be as close as possible to the front door. This way, we won’t have to carry heavy shopping bags throughout the apartment. The ideal situation is also a pantry planned in the kitchen itself or in the hallway. This will allow us to accumulate supplies, without having to go down to the basement for them. In new construction such utility rooms can be found more and more often.