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Mattress for child: which one to choose?

The most important thing in the process of choosing a mattress is to pay attention to the basics. At first the size. Children’s mattresses are available in sizes 120×60 and 140×70. If your child does not fit into these standards, it is high time to think about a new, “adult” mattress, i.e. such proposals that are also recommended for adults. When do you know that a child has grown out of a mattress and should move to a larger bed? It’s easy.  You should check if the mattress is at least 20 cm longer than your child. However, you should also be modest here. Do not allow the mattress to stick out of the bed. Remember that most young people grow up to 20 years of age, so a good quality mattress is as important for a six-month-old baby as it is for a sixteen-year-old or sixteen-year-old. 

Of course, a mattress for children will also differ in thickness from a mattress for adults. The former is around 20 cm thick, while the latter is made for children around 10 cm. What is the hardness of the mattress? Until a few decades ago it was believed that a mattress for a newborn should be hard. Today, however, it is recommended to choose a medium hardness, which will allow you to combine comfort with general indications on the subject. The degree of hardness should be chosen according to the weight of the baby. And so sponge mattresses so often criticised widely, if selected in good quality, are able to give good support to a more flexible spine. The weight of a child is so small that you do not need to be afraid of permanent deformation of the mattress material. With age, and especially in adults, the mattress should be selected in such a way that it does not cause back degeneration. You can buy child mattresses online very easy.

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