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Kitchen drawers – types and applications

Drawers are an integral part of every kitchen. In modern arrangements, drawers more and more often replace traditional cabinets and form the basis for the bottom of the kitchen. No wonder, as modern types of drawers are very functional and versatile.

The main advantage of the drawers furniture is their ergonomics. Access to items stored in the drawer is much easier than with standard cabinets. We don’t have to take out and move things that are closer to get to those hidden deeper. The drawer offers full extension and quick and direct access to the item you are looking for.

Drawers also allow for convenient segregation of kitchen utensils, pots, plates and other accessories. This makes it much easier to keep your kitchen tidy.

There is no doubt that drawers are traditional and obligatory equipment in every kitchen. However, technological progress and modern design make modern kitchen drawers not only very functional but also look very impressive. If only our budget allows it, it is worth using high quality drawers as a dominant element of our kitchen design, to the benefit of comfort.