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How to separate kitchen from the living room?

The kitchen open to the living room is almost standard in modern arrangements. Despite the combination, the two rooms are usually optically separated. Here are proven ways to subtly separate the kitchen from the living room. Combined and open living space is a very fashionable and convenient furniture solution. The lack of partition walls allows for larger and brighter space, which facilitates communication between the residents.
The kitchen connected with the living room can be optically separated in several ways. Here are some of them:


The wall is the easiest way to separate the two rooms if you want to cover the working area of the kitchen. The wall can be built to the entire width of the kitchen, it can be partial, glass or transparent plastic.


The half-wall, like the wall, will allow you to hide disorder in the kitchen, and thanks to its lowered height, it allows for free contact with household members and guests.

Kitchen Island

If we have a spacious kitchen, a great way to separate it from the living room will be an island. Its size and functions depend on the size of the room, but also our needs. Kitchen island can serve as a cooking centre for several people at a time, a bar or an additional worktop. To be fully functional it should have enough free space on each side.